Trish Stratus Net Worth, Real Net Worth Of Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus Net Worth

Trish Stratus Net Worth

Trish Stratus Net Worth:  Trish Stratus is a retired Greek Canadian wrestler, also a fitness model, and actress too.

She’s earned huge net worth till date. However, she invests a huge part of her income in charities.

Trish Stratus Net Worth

She has a magnificent net worth of $6 million dollars.

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She was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario in Canada, Trish Stratus is also popularly known as Patricia Anne Stratigias.

She began working as a fitness model while she was a student at York University. While she was working as a receptionist at a gym during a faculty strike at York, she was invited to do a test shoot for MuscleMag International.

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This led her to give a fortunate start to a blessed and a successful fitness modeling career, along with a hosting job as part of “Live Audio Wrestling” on Toronto Sports Radio.

She began wrestling for the WWF/WWE in 2000, appearing as a “heel”. She started out managing multiple “heel” wrestlers.

It seemed that this was not wanted by her and then she began appearing in the ring herself.

Four months after her debut, She wrestled professionally through 2006 and was a four-time Women’s Wrestling Champion.

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Since retiring she has served as the spokesperson for the World Natural Sports Association and has appeared on various reality shows and in films.

Reportedly, after departure from wrestling in 2006, she runs a yoga studio named Stratosphere in Toronto, Ontario.

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