Trish Stratus | Full Details About Trish Stratus |

Trish Stratus Full Details

Trish Stratus Full Details

Patricia Anne Stratigeas mostly famous with her ring name Trish Stratus was born on 18th December 1976. She is a professional WWE Diva of the Canadian origin, not only that she is also a former fitness model, a fitness master, an epic actress and a television personality too.

Though in reality, she has a good name mostly she is famous for her ring name Trish Stratus. She is now continuing a blessed career in all aspects she is engaged With but she built the pillars in her wrestling career on 19th March 2000.

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Trish Stratus Full Details

She kept on wrestling with great enthusiasm and skill which had a full stop after 6 years on September 17th, 2006. She started her career as a fitness model which she later changed and continued with WWF (world wrestling federation) which was later renamed as WWE (world wrestling entertainment).

At the beginning of her career, she was mostly involved in a sexually themed storyline such as T & A(abbreviations for abusive words). With her regular and long-term participation in wrestling, her abilities got polished and it helped her a lot in increasing her popularity.

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Her above determination led her to become a one-time hardcore champion and 3 times babe of the year and was proclaimed as the diva of the decade.

After continuing her wrestling career for up to 7 years, she retired from her professional wrestling on September 17, 2006.till then she had won her record-setting of seven times WWE Women’s Champion.

She was made the trainer for WWE tough enough in 2011, after that she was inducted into WWE hall of fame in the year 2013 at the age of 36 and then she was declared as the youngest person ever to be inducted. Besides her professional wrestling career, she is being also personalized as a sex symbol.

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She is also found posing on many magazine covers. She is also found interested in donating alms and has made her heartfelt contribution to many charitable trusts as well. At times this multi-talented personality has been found hosting different award ceremonies, TV shows and also owns a yoga studio.

Her yoga studio was started in 2008 which she named as stratosphere Which Is Canada’s largest eco-friendly yoga studio. Stratus’s studio helped her to collect many awards such as a top choice award, best new business award. In the year 2009, she was titled as the ‘businesswoman of the year.

The studio was honored as the best yoga studio, in the year 2013.this was the outcome of her hard work and determination.

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At the time when she made her debut in 2000, she was displayed as a villainous Character on Sunday’s night heat.

The Next night on the raw test and Prince Albert joined forces in a tag team and then stratus began her first role in the company as their valet. This unforgettable charming person has grown well not only in a single work but she has extended it vastly.

Trish Stratus is an excellent WWE wrestler, mind-blowing trainer, a beautiful actress and the most important an hardworking person and as well. It is hoped from her to extend her popularity in continuing and she will do it soon surely.

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