Ronda Rousey Age, Height, Weight (Full Details)

Ronda Rousey Age, Height, Weight

Ronda Rousey Age, Height, Weight

Ronda Rousey Age, Height, Weight

Ronda Rousey nicknamed as rowdy is a famous Wrestler, actress, judo player and many more. Here we have an article on Ronda Rousey Age, Height, Weight.

This amazingly talented girl is equipped with all good things in her.

Her charming lady has an epic biography and an absolutely fine body features.

Ronda Rousey Age

She was born on 1st Feb 1987, She is a resident of Riverside, California in the USA.Now she has reached the age of 31 polishing her skills.

Ronda Rousey Height

This 5 foot 7 inches tall lady is defeating all other out there, in her each game play.which is actually about 170cm or we can also say as 1.7m

Ronda Rousey Weight

She is having a good weight of 135 lbs which is equal to 61 kg or 9.6 st according to the sport she is involved with.


She belongs to a different fighting club such as…..

1.Glendale fighting club

2.Gokor Hayastan academy

3.Sk golden boys

4.10th planet Jiu Jitsu…..

She is ranked as a 4th dan black belt and she 8s found since last 7-8 years means from 2011-till now.

Besides being a wrestler she is an excellent mixed martial art trainer and she also has centers for teaching martial arts.

Since many time it is found that she easily defeats her opponent, and what makes her stronger in the ring is her judo style.

She is specially trained by experienced trainers to win the match. So, far we have been talking that she is good in martial arts but we don’t know the reason why it’s called so.

It’s because the record says that she won all the 12 matches in judoka. The same will be expected from her even further and she will surely do stand on the expectations of people.


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